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eZombie (en)

eZombie is an hunting game created as an additional module (.DLL) for Opensimulator.


This version as been tested with  Opensimlator version and standard (the one you can download directly from official site installed on Windows7/8.1/10 and Windows 2013 server.


Even if it should work correctly on Linux, we did not tested it on those operating system.

The names of files and folders used in this guide refer to the Windows operating system.


Due to the implemented differences between Opensim version 8 and version 9, do not try to install eZombie on Opensim version older than


Before go on with download and installation, for those who did not yet, we suggest to have an eZombie sessions in our region to get comfy with the terms used in this guide.
You can find the zombie region at URI:


eZombie is an Opensimulator add-on module (.dll), a basic knowledge of Opensim and its configuration files it is needed.  Endivatomic staff can answer fast questions related to eZombie but for no reasons and no cases  we can follow you step by step in the installation process.



  • Download & Module setup

    1. DOWNLOAD The module MUST be installed before to load and run related scripts in the region. Before download the software please read carefully the "Terms and Conditions" at the following link:; keep in mind that ...

  • Region setup

    The region where to setup the zombie arena must be divided into 2 zones (parcels): the starting zone (where players are sent once killed) the combat zone Region settings notes: We experimented less troubles in setting the Starting parcel on a corner. ...

  • Object creation

    eZombie needs some objects to be builded; first create a prim to be used as "game server"; you can find a kit of "object ready" to be used inworld at URI: Gun dispenser One or more linked prims or mesh. When a player click ...

  • Game Server setup


  • Build from source

    The following instructions are meant to be used with VisualStudio 2015, but we are sure with a little effort (or none at all) they could be used with other VisualStudio versions. If you didnt it yet, download Opensim source code from official web ...

  • Terms and conditions

    eZombie Copyright 2017 Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at: Unless ...