last update: 01/03/2019parent: Object creation

Gun dispencer

Create a prim with the shape you like (better a mesh with the shape of a gun or rifle), if you will use an already made one please remove any script may inside.


Create a new script inside the weapon prim like the example below:


default {
  state_entry() {}
  touch_end(integer z) {   
    if (ezStatus())

      ezIncomingAv( llDetectedKey(0), llGetObjectDesc() );


or copy inside the prim the script ez_giver.lsl that is inside the file you downloaded (


In the prim description insert the name of the weapon you wanna "give" to player who will touch it. Example: if your weapon it is called ABC, write ABC in this dispencer prim description. You can create many different gun dispencer, one for each weapon you wanna use in the game.



  1. Do not insert any object (gun, hud, etc) in this dispencer, it's not needed
  2. at the moment there are no difference between different weapons, it's just a design matter.
  3. Ingame it is possible to use only weapons builded like explained in the charapter "Gun (weapon), any other scripts will not work in eZombie.
  4. Weapon and HUD will be attached to player in temporary way and removed when the player will be killed or will leave the arena. It could happen that both remain attached to player even if it goes out of arena, example if the player teleport itself in another region.