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by sasha snow, 08/05/2016

Come for the coffee, stay for the friendship.

During my Travels throughout the virtual worlds, I happened upon a fine group of people as Interesting as they were friendly.

There is much to discuss over a cup of coffee, but this is exactly how i met these wonderful people.
I was a nomad in my travels, I wandered from place to place picking up odds and ends as though they were trophies from my visits. The problem was, I had no place to put these so called trophies. That was Until i met the people of Endive.
I am now a citizen here.

Endiva Is a Peaceful and friendly Community Grid, I am the New Resident here. Many things can be said about my Travels in the Metaverse but when you find people who are as friendly and caring as those of endiva, you have to stop and take notice.

If you are looking for a nice friendly Community Grid Stop in and visit the people of Endive,
you might come for the coffee, but you'll stay for the friendship.

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